Josh Meier Photography | About
Hello, my name is Josh Meier and I'm a nature and landscape photographer from Tipton, Iowa. I have had a passion for photography since I was a kid, and can remember shooting the Grand Canyon and California Coast with a little 110 film camera on early family vacations. "These could be postcards!" boasted my mother when the prints came back from developing at the local grocery store. She was being generous, but I accepted the praise with a beaming heart. From then on I was hooked, and made a habit of carrying a camera pretty much everywhere I'd go.
My flourishing love affair with photography continued as I grew older, roaming the Iowa countryside and entering my pictures in 4-H contests at the local county fair. Coming of age my range widened and I began taking extensive road trips, capturing images from travels across the American west. I used to go for as long as my limited bank account would allow, budgeting just enough money for gas to get me home, and a little aside for film processing when I got there. Food was of tertiary concern. At the time (before digital) I didn't have the resources to develop my own images, and in fact, was still shooting with inexpensive 35mm point and shoot models. Far from professional, but I didn't care. I couldn't wait to get my prints back and show my family, sharing with them the places I'd been. As time passed my adventures grew bolder. I fell in love with backpacking and wilderness travel, and soon found myself capturing images of places many would never see.
It's only in recent years that I have begun trying to take my photography to the next level. With the insistance and support of my family, I started a small photography business and began selling cards and prints at area farmers markets and craft fairs. The feedback was phenomenal and I have gained much appreciated encouragement from the local community. I'm shooting with a Nikon DSLR these days, and trying to work through the ins and outs of the rapidly evolving world of digital photography. Self taught, it's a lot to take in, but I constantly strive to improve and allow my skill to continue to grow.
While I am trying to build this into a profession and am eternally grateful and humbled when someone purchases one of my prints for their office or home, sales are not the only motivation behind me sharing my work. I whole heartedly believe that photography can have the power to affect people in profound ways. Through my images I hope to inspire people to open their eyes to the natural world and beauty all around, and perhaps strike a chord encouraging them to protect it. If my photos can rouse viewers with the desire to connect with nature, and move them to take measures in caring for the environment and preserving these special places; that's the greatest compliment of all.