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serwis ploterów z Poznania(non-registered)
serwis ploterów z Poznania
Mark Pries(non-registered)
Josh has the eye and instinct every great photographer needs. His sense of color and composition bring wonderful results. We appreciate his enlargements as special gifts and his cards to hold and enrich our words within.
Theresa (Teri) Purcell(non-registered)
Hi Josh, enjoyed meeting you in Gary's Eastern Sierra workshop. You have a great future in photography ahead of you. I wish I had the opportunity to begin shooting as young as you have. Keep up the great work. I will keep an eye out for your work. Teri
Was great browsing these pictures. I like the quote from Jon Muir. Wish I could go into nature more often, makes me want to go to Yosemite. Keep up the good work.
Sara Barth
You have amazing talent and we can't wait to display your art in our home. Keep them coming!
Hi Josh - just navigated your website and was mesmerized with the quality and diversity of your photos. I'm visiting Iowa from Hawaii and met you at the Farmer's Market where you gave me your card. Love your photos and the courage it took in taking many of your shots. You're doing what I only dream of doing so keep on with your calling and live the good life - you have what it takes!
love all your photos josh!!! you take beautiful pictures. felt like I was looking at a country living magazine.
Beautiful Pics Brother! Love each and every one, if you'd like to put them on display at my house, just let me know
TJ Ray(non-registered)
Nice work bud. Let me know when you start selling pictures and what my discount is. Just kidding, the web site is pretty cool I really like how easy it is to navigate through.
Keep up the good work my friend.
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